Top Leading Brands

Rigorous elegance on minimal and refined styles, care for details and vintage flavor, with a timeless and consistent sense of style. Consumers who seek qualitative materials and care for details and recognize the made in Italy and unique design of Giorgio Armani.

RayBan designs their frames to be stylish, cool, and functional. Based on surveys, it is the most recognized brand.

D&G has three core values that represent the brand in its entirety: sartorial ability, sensuality, and sicily. The brand offers both simplistic and bold design, catering to all kinds of style.

Vogue Eyewear believes that there’s more beauty beyond beauty. Like a style coach, Vogue Eyewear helps its customers to find the confidence to wear their beauty their way.

Michael Kors wants to target women of all personalities: modern glamour, urban cool, sport-luxe chic. The brand offers frames that are simplistic, fun and full of flare, all at a good price point.

Burberry values innovation, creativity, and outward focus. With a strong British influence, the frames are elegant and timeless. Some frames feature the signature Burberry check design.

Versace is powerful, provocative, glamorous, passionate, and seductive. It is designed for people who want to express themselves aesthetically through their eyewear

Prada values keeping tradition alive through innovation, Italian quality, and creativity. They have uniquely shaped frames that do not go unnoticed.

Tiffany is an American legacy symbolic of effortless beauty and love. It is the modern jewellery eyewear brand distinguished by functionality and trendy design for all generations of women with subtle elegance


Carrera is associated with technology, safety, innovation, and design. It’s designed for people who believe that there is no reward without risk, are unconventional, and uncompromising.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss specialized in high-end and classic designs that express the wearer’s personality. They are designed for the consumer who enjoys fashion and wants to express their style.

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is designed for the modern, intelligent woman who enjoys fashion with a fun sensibility. Naturally dictated by her attitude, independence and confidence but also has a desire to feel glamorous, elegant and fashionable.

Kate Spades

Kate Spade has been inspired from chic and timeless style icons. The frames exemplify a strong sense of personal style using classic, elegant, and feminine design which is unique to the company.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is for the customer who enjoys vintage inspired designs and elegance with a twist. The frames are designed to be subtle, mixing rich colours with neutral tones.


Polaroid is an Italian company that aims to deliver bold, colorful, unique, yet wearable frames at great price points.


PUMA designs frames to be multi-functional and variegated. The three key themes - Performance, Active, and Sportstyle - are characterized by lightness, fit, color, comfort, stability, and protection.


GUESS frames are contemporary styles that are dressed with on-trend applications. The collection has fashion forward silhouettes and daring combinations.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford frames are made in Italy with intense attention to detail and high-quality product. It draws inspiration from both vintage and contemporary designs. The metal T is the undisputed icon of the brand


Gucci is one of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands. Eclectic, romantic, and above all contemporary, Gucci is reinventing a modern approach to fashion for the 21st century.


YSL was the first couture house to introduce the concept of ready-to-wear luxury, synonymous with youth and freedom. They are known for their unique and bold styles.

Easy Clip

Tom Ford frames are made in Italy with intense attention to detail and high-quality product. It draws inspiration from both vintage and contemporary designs. The metal T is the undisputed icon of the brand


With equal focus on fit, function and aesthetics, EVATIK eyewear for men strikes the perfect balance between comfort and luxury. Minimalistic and architectural designs are elevated by the finest materials such as handmade acetate, high grade stainless steel, and Japanese titanium.


Moleskin frames are both naturally elegant and innovative, as well as functional and extremely lightweight. Ultra-thin and ultra-light with uniquely designed temples and hinges the collection is manufactured in the finest materials available.


Stepper focuses on premium quality and unmatched fit and comfort. Frames are constructed from advanced materials such as TX5 (a high performance organic plastic) and ultra-light Titanium and Beta Titanium, providing consumers with lightweight, comfortable and durable styles


FYSH eyewear is designed for the strong, ambitious, game-changing women who embrace individual style.FYSH features a vast array of bold colors, intricate patterns, unique constructions and shapes


The Superflex® collection is an affordable lifestyle collection that caters to all market segments. Frame materials include stainless steel, aluminum and hand-made acetate. All frames are designed with spring hinge temples for added comfort, fit and durability.


Swarovski places crystals at the center of their design. The frames are irresistibly designed and exude sophistication and style in the most amazing way.